The focus of this seminar is various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of their convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications.

The seminar meets Mondays 1:30-2:20pm EST in TBD. Meeting details are included in the weekly seminar announcements.

Date Speaker and Title
Jan 31 Alex Townsend (Cornell University)
Feb 07 Nicolas Boulle (University of Oxford)
Feb 14
Feb 21
Mar 07 Alice Cortinovis (EPFL)
Mar 14
Mar 21 Shanyin Tong (Courant Institute, NYU)
Apr 11 Jason Kaye (Simons Foundation)
Apr 18 Mallory Gaspard (Cornell University)
MingYi Wang (Cornell University)
Apr 25 Vasileios Charisopoulos (Cornell University)
Megan Renz (Cornell University)
May 02
May 09 Michael Lindsey (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University)