The focus of this seminar is various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of their convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications.

The seminar meets Mondays, 1:25-2:15 pm, in 406 Gates Hall.

Date Speaker and Title
Jan 28 Yuqian Zhang (CS, Cornell University)
Feb 04
Feb 11 Mateo Diaz (CAM, Cornell)
Junteng Jia (CS, Cornell)
Feb 18 Monika Nitsche (Math and Stats, The University of New Mexico)
Mar 04 Mike Stillman (Math, Cornell University)
Mar 11 Mike Stillman (Math, Cornell University)
Mar 18 Mike Stillman (Math, Cornell University)
Mar 25 Ian Ellwood (Neurobiology and behavior, Cornell University)
Apr 08
Apr 15 Eston Schweickart (CS, Cornell)
Apr 22 Tianyi Shi (CAM, Cornell University)
Heather Wilber (CAM, Cornell University)
Apr 29 Cameron Musco (Microsoft Research New England)
May 06 Rediet Abebe (CS, Cornell)