The focus of this seminar is various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of their convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications.

The seminar meets Mondays, 1:25-2:15 pm, in 406 Gates Hall.

Date Speaker and Title
Aug 29 Lang Tong (ECE, Cornell)
Sep 05 Labor Day
Sep 12 Diego Ruiz Antolin (Math, University de Cantabria)
Heather Wilber (CAM, Cornell)
Sep 19 Alex Townsend (Math, Cornell)
Sep 26 Dmitry Savransky (MAE, Cornell)
Oct 03 Madeleine Udell (ORIE, Cornell)
Oct 10 Fall Break
Oct 17 Silvia Ferrari (MAE, Cornell)
Oct 24 Sheng Wang (MAE, Cornell)
Oct 31 Erik Bollt (Math, Clarkson)
Nov 07 Damek Davis (ORIE, Cornell)
Nov 14 Andrew Wilson (ORIE, Cornell)
Nov 21 Vikram Krishnamurthy (ECE, Cornell Tech)